-- Curriculum Vitae

This is a work in progress.

Currently, I am a Ph.D. student in the Software Engineering Laboratory at NTUA advised by Associate Professor Kostis Sagonas. My primary research interests are in the fields of Programming Languages Theory and Implementation. More precisely:

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Work experience


Various, mostly minor, contributions to open source projects Erlang/OTP, Ganeti, LLVM, etc.).

During my studies in School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NTUA I have implemented many projects (on my own or in collaboration with some colleages) as part of various lessons.

Some of the most interesting ones (projects i enjoyed the most :) are listed below:

Other Interests & Activities

I used to be an Administrative member of the Free and Open Source Software community of the National and Technical University of Athens. In the past, I ’ve organised and attended various Community conferences and presentations in Greece, such as FOSSCOM, Eellak conference, etc. Nowadays, I strive to remain an active FOSS community member and regularly catch myself discussing and hacking with the gang (along with beers or tsipouro!) :-)

Except for the academic and geeky stuff: