-- Contact

The prefered way of contacting me is to e-mail me at:

gtsiour -(at)- softlab -(dot)- ntua -(dot)- gr

If you need it, grab my public PGP Key. I like encrypted e-mails! I have created a new, stronger OpenPGP key (4096R) and will be transitioning away from my old key soon. You can find my signed (sig1, sig2) transition statement here. If you have signed my old key, I would appreciate signatures on my new key as well!

You can try to catch me on IRC – I lurk as yiannis_t in the #foss.ntua channel on Freenode and occasionally in #ganeti, #synnefo, #xmonad, #haskell or #erlang.

I don’t use Skype but I do use Jabber! Contact me through email if you need my Jabber ID.

I picture alt Facebook (and social networks in general!), you won’t find me there.