156) Where can I get a Table widget?

[Last modified: December 92]

Answer: Send email to Kee Hinckley (nazgul@alfalfa.com) asking for a copy of
his table widget.  The Widget Creation Library also has one.  See under Motif
prototyping tools for the contact.

Expert Database Systems, Inc., 377 Rector Place, Suite 3L New York, NY 10280.
Phone: (212) 783-6981 has a very comprehensive table widget that uses both
motif scrollbars or a "virtual" scrollbar showing a miniature version of the
entire spreadsheet. Allows for different width columns, changing colors in
each cell.  Only one X-Window is used so as to reduce the amount of system
resources used.  Contact Ken Jones email: ken@mr_magoo.sbi.com)
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