157) Has anyone done a bar graph widget?

[Last modified: September 92]

Answer: You can fake one by using for each bar a scroll bar or even a label
which changes in size, put inside a container of some kind.

Try the StripChart widget in the Athena widget set. Set the XtNupdate resource
to 0 to keep it from automatically updating.

The comp.windows.x FAQ mentions a bar graph widget.

Expert Database Systems, Inc.  sells a bar graph widget as well as a multi-
line graph with automatic scaling, a 3-D surface graph, and a high/Low graph
with two lines for moving averages.  Contact Ken Jones Expert Database
Systems, Inc., 377 Rector Place, Suite 3L New York, NY 10280.  Phone: (212)

The Xtra XWidget library contains a set of widgets that are subclassed from
and compatible with either OSF/Motif or OLIT widgets.  The library includes
widgets that implement the following:

   Bar Graph
   Stacked Bar Graph
   Line Graph
   Pie Chart
   XY Plot
   Hypertext based Help System
   Entry Form with type checking

Contact Graphical Software Technology at 310-328-9338  (info@gst.com) for

The XRT/graph widget, available for Motif, XView and OLIT, displays X-Y plots,
bar and pie charts, and supports user-feedback, fast updates and PostScript
output. Contact KL Group Inc. at 416-594-1026 (xrt_info%klg@uunet.ca)

The product Xmath, made by Integrated Systems Inc. is a product which has
interactive 2d and 3d graphics for bar,strip,line,symbol,
surface,contour,etc... that costs $2500.00 for commercial use and a mere
$250.00 for university use that also has complete numerics capabilities, an
easy to use debugger, a complete high level language, a spreadsheet, a motif
gui access capability, and much more all created on top of motif.

You can either email to xmath-info@isi.com or call (408)980-1500.

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) provides the following product NetEd: "The
network editor widget is a Motif toolkit conforming widget that applications
can use to express complex interrelationships graphically in the form of
networks or graphs. The network editor supports interactive or application-
controlled creation and editing of directed graphs or networks."

ACE/gr is an X based XY plotting tool implemented with a point 'n click
paradigm.  A few of its features are:

   * Plots up to 10 graphs with 30 data sets per graph.
   * Data read from files and/or pipes.
   * Graph types XY, log-linear, linear-log, log-log, bar,
        stacked bar charts.

it is available from

        ftp.ccalmr.ogi.edu (presently amb4.ccalmr.ogi.edu)

with IP address The XView version (xvgr) will be found in
/CCALMR/pub/acegr/xvgr-2.09.tar.Z and the Motif version (xmgr) in
/CCALMR/pub/acegr/xmgr-2.09.tar.Z.  Comments, suggestions, bug reports to
pturner@amb4.ccalmr.ogi.edu (if mail fails, try pturner@ese.ogi.edu). Due to
time constraints, replies will be few and far between.
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