155) Why doesn't the Help callback work on some widgets?

Answer: If you press the help key the help callback of the widget with the
keyboard focus is called (not the one containing the mouse).  You can't get
the help callback of a non-keyboard-selectable widget called. To get `context
sensitive' help on these, you have to find the mouse, associate its position
with a widget and then do the help.

 The X Resource, Issue 6, has an article on implementing context help in
 Motif in this manner, that is, using the mouse position to indicate the
 widget for which context help is desired, as well as using resources to
 specify the help.  Example source code is available at


 The demo program lets you toggle between using the method described in
 the article and XmTrackingLocate() for comparision purposes.

contributed by: Jay Schmidgall  jay@vnet.ibm.com (author of the article
mentioned above) --
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