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The Ghinsu project started in early 1991 at the University of Florida's Computer and Information Sciences Department and has been funded by the Software Engineering Research Center (SERC). Its target is the development of an environment that integrates a number of tools aiding in a number of software engineering activities, primarily in software maintenance.

The current version of Ghinsu can handle multiple file programs, written in a large subset of ANSI-C, and has a graphical user interface. It can perform a variety of program analysis functions, including:

o Program slicing and dicing
o Ripple analysis
o Calculation of reaching definitions
o Calculation of DU and UD chains
o Calculation of execution slices
More information about the Ghinsu project can be found at the project's home page.

Code Reduction in Ghinsu

The development of Ghinsu's Code Reduction module started in January 1995 at the Software Engineering Laboratory of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens, in collaboration with the University of Florida.

The project is supervised by Professor:

o Emmanuel Skordalakis (
The team currently working on it consists of just one Ph.D. student:
o Nikos Papaspyrou (


To find out more about Ghinsu's Code Reduction module, you are welcome to explore the following pages. In them, you will find an introduction to code reduction, some technical notes on how code reduction is implemented in this project and our current research interests on this subject.
o What is Code Reduction?
- Definitions
- What is simple code?
- Current uses of code reduction
- Related work
o How does it help?
- Introduction
- Benefits to the target user
- Notes on software maintainance
o How does it work?
+ Constant propagation
- What is constant propagation
- Example of constant propagation
- Uses of constant propagation
+ Expression simplification
- What is expression simplification
- Example of expression simplification
- Uses of expression simplification
+ Statement simplification
- What is statement simplification
- Example of statement simplification
- Uses of statement simplification
o Current status and future work
- Current status of the project
- Future work
You can also take a look at several snapshots of Ghinsu:
o Snapshot of Ghinsu's new user interface
- GIF format, 1141x845, 45227 bytes.
- PostScript format, A4 paper, 34814 bytes (compressed with gzip).
o Snapshot of Ghinsu's code reduction related interface (not yet in its final form)
- GIF format, 818x756, 25384 bytes.
- PostScript format, A4 paper, 19268 bytes (compressed with gzip).
and of course you can try our interactive demo:
o Ghinsu Code Reduction interactive demo.

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