GHINSU:   Current status and future work

- Current status of the project
- Future work

Current status of the project

So far we have designed, implemented and integrated in Ghinsu the following parts of our code reduction module:
o Constant propagation

Intraprocedural constant propagation of scalar values. No constant propagation is performed on the interprocedural level or for constant values of non-scalar type, i.e. arrays, structs, pointers, etc.

o Expression simplification

Expression simplification has also been implemented for scalar values.

o User interface

The user interface to the code reduction module has been partly designed and implemented.

Future work

In the near future, we plan to design, implement and incorporate in Ghinsu the following:
o Statement simplification

Intraprocedural statement simplification, removal of dead code and code with no effect.

o User interface

We plan to redesign and fully implement Ghinsu's code reduction related user interface.

Later on, further research will be directed towards the following goals:
o Interprocedural code reduction
o Propagation of non-scalar values

What next?

(o) Contents     (o) Statement simplification

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