124) What happens if I can't install Motif Keysyms?

From: tessi!george@nosun.West.Sun.COM (George Mitchell)

Here's what appears to happen if you don't have XKeysymDB in place to define
OSF's virtual keysyms:

1. At class initialize time, for a widget (such as XmText) that uses virtual
keysyms in its event translation table, all entries which refer to those
keysyms fail to parse correctly.  In the case of XmText, instead of ending up
with a translation table with roughly 90 entries, you end up with one that has

2. XKeysymDB doesn't exist, so you'd assume that KeyPress events will get
translated to plain vanilla keysyms, right?  WRONG!  All Motif widgets install
a virtual keysym translator ANYWAY!  Consequently, the backspace key (for
example) gets translated to the keysym osfBackSpace.

3. Therefore, if you augment or override your widget's translations with
translations that refer to plain vanilla BackSpace, they will never be
triggered, because you will NEVER see plain vanilla BackSpace, only

4. But you can't use osfBackSpace in an event translation entry, because you
don't have XKeysymDB installed!

Here's how I'm "dealing" with the problem right now: Motif installs its
virtual keysym translator by calling XtSetKeyTranslator every time a
VendorShell (or subclass) widget is created.  So every time I create a shell,
I immediately call XtSetKeyTranslator (display, XtTranslateKey) to restore the
default translator.  No more funny virtual keysyms!  Now I can reinstall non-
osfKeySym translations and have them work the way I expect.
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