123) What is causing the messages "unknown keysym osfDown..."? It

happens when I run an application under Motif 1.1

Answer: There is an OSF supplied addition to the /usr/lib/X11/XKeysymDB file.
It is found on the release tape and should have been automatically installed
if the installation procedure was followed in the Release Notes.

You have to copy (or append) lib/Xm/XKeysymDB into /usr/lib/X11.  This may
require root permission.  It is not clear how to fix the problem if you can't
do this.  The error comes from Xt translation table parsing and can't be fixed
in Motif, so if you can't get root permission you may be stuck.  The file is
not copyrighted so you can install it on other systems.

If X has been built so that XKeysymDB is not in this directory, and you don't
know where it is looking, run 'strings libX11.a | grep XKeysymDB' to find the

On a Sun running openwin with shared libraries, you may need to put the path
for the library containing XKeysymDB *first* in the path list in
LD_LIBRARY_PATH, or it may find the wrong XKeysymDB in the wrong directory.

XKeysymDB simply contains the registered keysym values for the OSF keysyms.
The OSF values are server-independent.  And, all registered keysyms will be
included in an XKeysymDB file to be shipped with X11R5.

In the meantime (till all systems are X11R5+), a list of the registered
keysyms can be found in the X11R4 release in mit/doc/Registry/Xregistry.

Also note the XKEYSYMDB environment variable. Setting this to point to the
XKeysymDB file often helps, but not always...
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