111)* Is there an Ada binding for Motif?

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Information on Ada bindings to Motif and other services (such as SQL and
POSIX) can be found in a document maintained by the Ada Information
Clearinghouse.  The report can be found at

        host:   ajpo.sei.cmu.edu
        loc:    /public/ada-info/bindings.hlp.*
        access: anonymous ftp

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                                     SECTION 12
                                  X-Window System:
                               OSF Motif and Open Look
                               Available Ada Bindings

12.1  Description and Standardization Efforts

The X-Window System is a network-transparent window system.  It supports one
or more screens containing overlapping windows or subwindows.  X display
servers distribute user input to and accept output requests from various
client programs located either on the same machine or elsewhere in the

            OSF Motif (Open Software Foundation/Motif) is a graphical user
            interface from OSF that provides a Presentation Manager look and
            feel for applications running on any system with X Window version
            11.  It conforms to POSIX, ANSI C and X/Open's XPG3 standards.

12.2  Resources Available from Software Reuse Libraries/Repositories

ASSET                                                      (Updated:  November
1 992)

The following information was taken in its entirety from the ASSET Library
Repository Catalog, October 9, 1992.  For more information on ASSET, see
Appendix C.


RELEASE_DATE      : 29-SEP-88


Interface to the X Window System
      An expression of the various concepts in Ada that provides a full,
working Ada specification of the X Window system.
     Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

12.3  Products Available from Vendors

Advanced Technology Center                                 (Updated:  November
1 992)

The Advanced Technology Center (ATC) has an Ada binding to OSF Motif for their
AXI~ product.  AXI is currently available for most UNIX-based platforms, and
is supported by Verdix, Meridian, and TeleSoft compilers.

AXI is an Ada-to-X-Window System interface that provides the Ada programmer
access to the 500+ functions, libraries, and procedures contained in the X
library (Xlib), the X Toolkit (Xt), the X Extensible Library, the X
Miscellaneous Utilities, the Motif widget set and the Motif Resource Manager.

ATC is planning to develop an Ada binding to Open Look for AXI.

For more information, contact:Larry Paulson, Advanced Technology Center, 22982
                        Mill Creek Drive, Laguna Hills, CA  92653, USA; Phone:

Alsys, Inc.                                                     (Updated:  May
1 992)

The Alsys Ada Software Development Environment (Alsys's validated Ada compiler
#901221W1.11103) for 386 UNIX is a production-quality Ada environment capable
of handling very large Ada applications (over 500,000 lines of code).  The
product includes the Compiler; Multi-Library Environment, which provides a
powerful and flexible way to manage Ada development effort and share program
units; Binder, which supports unused subprograms elimination; High-and Low-
Level Optimizers for improving code quality and performance; and Run-Time
Executive for efficient support for executing Ada programs.  Also included is
the Developer's Toolset including:  Ada Probe, a symbolic source level
debugger and program viewer; AdaXref, a cross-reference generator; AdaMake, a
recompilation aid; AdaReformat, a source reformatter.

Alsys currently has Ada bindings to POSIX, X-Windows (OSF Motif), and the
Generic Package of Elementary Functions for the Alsys Ada Software Development
Environment, running on 386 UNIX 386/486-based machines supported as both host
and target and running 386/ix or SCO UNIX.  They are also planning a binding
to SQL for  386/486 machines.

Host/Target:386/486 PC under IX UNIX, 386/486 PC under SCO UNIX

The Alsys Ada Software Development Environment for the IBM RS/6000 is a
production-quality Ada environment capable of handling very large Ada
applications.  Hosted on and targeted to the IBM RS/6000 workstation under
IBM's AIX operating system, the product includes the Compiler; Multi-Library
Environment, which provides a  powerful and flexible way to manage Ada
development efforts and share program units; Binder; Run-Time Executive; and
both a High and Low-Level Optimizer for improving code quality and
performance.  Also included is the Alsys Ada Toolset including Ada Probe,
symbolic source level debugger and program viewer; AdaXref, cross-reference
generator; AdaMake, recompilation aid; and AdaReformat, source reformatter.

Alsys has bindings currently available to the Generic Package of Elementary
Functions and to X-Windows (OSF Motif) for the Alsys Ada Development
Environment for the IBM RS/6000 running on any RISC System/6000 machine as
both host and target and running IBM's AIX operating system (Alsys's validated
Ada compiler #910809W1.11195).   Alsys also plans to develop a POSIX binding
for the RS/6000.

Host/Target:RISC System/6000 under AIX

The Alsys Ada Software Development Environment for SPARC Workstations is a
production-quality Ada environment capable of handling very large Ada
applications.  Hosted on any SPARC-based workstation under SunOS or SunView,
the product helps you realize the full potential of Ada on SPARC machines. The
product includes the Compiler (with High- and Low-Level Optimizers); Binder,
which supports unused subprogram elimination; Multi-Library system (Family,
Library, and Unit Managers) which provides a powerful and flexible way to
manage Ada development efforts and share program units;  AdaExec real-time
executive, for complete and efficient support for executing Ada programs; and
ISO-standard mathematical library.  Also included is the Alsys Ada Toolset
including AdaProbe, symbolic source level debugger and program viewer;
AdaXref, cross-reference  generator; AdaMake, recompilation aid; and
AdaReformat, source reformatter.

Bindings to the Generic Package of Elementary Functions and to OSF/Motif are
currently available for the Alsys Ada Software Development Environment running
on any SPARC-based Workstation as both host and target and running SunOS or

Host/Target:SPARC under SUNOS

For more information, contact:Scott Garren, Alsys, Inc., 67 South Bedford
                        Street, Burlington, MA  01803-5152, USA;  Phone:
                        (617) 270-0030

Digital Equipment Corporation                              (Updated:  November
1 992)

Digital Equipment Corporation has bindings available for GKS, PHIGS, SQL, and
OSF Motif for VAX Ada/VMS.  The Ada bindings are provided either as part of a
compiler product or the services/facilities that are provided by Digital and
its suppliers.

Host/Target:DEC VAX under VMS

For more information, contact:Mary Anne Cacciola, Digital Equipment
                        Corporation, 110 Spit Brook Road, Nashua, NH  03062,
                        USA; Phone:  (603) 881-1028

IBM                                                        (Updated:  November
1 992)

IBM's AIX Ada/6000 product provides a binding to GPEF and IBM AIXWindows (X-
Windows ... not Motif).  It runs on all models of the IBM RISC System/6000
under the IBM AIX Version 3.2 operating system. See also entries for Systems
Engineering Research Corporation (SERC) and Advanced Technology Center (ATC)
for Motif, GKS or PHIGS bindings for use with IBM AIX Ada/6000 products.

The AIX Ada/6000 licensed programs (5706-291 and 5706-294) consist of an
optimizing compiler, a run-time environment, a symbolic debugger, an Ada
"makefile" generator for use in automating and minimizing recompilation, Ada
library management tools and Ada language bindings to some key AIX subsystems.
With the exception of some system-specific aspects of the language, the Ada
language for the AIX operating system is source compatible with the Ada
language supported by IBM licensed programs in VM/CMS and MVS.

Host/Target:IBM RISC System/6000 under the IBM AIX Version 3.2 operating

This product conforms to the following standards:  ANSI/MIL-STD-1815A - Ada at
current level (1.11) of the ACVC test suite.

For more information, contact:Barry Lee, IBM Corporation, 844 Don Mills Road,
                        North York, Ontario, Canada  M3C 1V7; Phone:  (416)
                        448-3174; Fax: (416) 448-4810

Objective Interface Systems, Inc.                          (Updated:  November
1 992)

Objective Interface Systems, Inc., has an Ada binding to X-windows (OSF Motif)
for its Screen Machine~ product.  The Screen Machine binding to Motif includes
a WYSIWYG drawing tool and an Ada code generator.


      Sun SPARC/SunOS         Rational R1000/Delta    HP 9000/7XX; 8X7
      IBM RISC System/6000/AIXPC 386/486/ISC UNIX     HFSI WIS Workstation
      PC 286/386/486/MS-DOS   PC 386/486/SCO UNIX     DEC Ultrix; DEC VMS

For more information, contact:Phil Carrasco, Object Interface Systems, Inc.
                        1895 Preston White Drive, Suite 250, Reston, VA
                        22091-5448, USA; Phone: (703) 264-1900; Fax:
                        703-264-1721; email info@ois.com (internet)

SL Corporation                                              (Updated: November
1 992)

SL Corporation's SL-GMS toolkit includes Ada bindings to GPEF, GPPF, POSIX,
SQL, TCP/IP, OSF/Motif, and Open Look.

SL-GMS is a toolkit for developing dynamic graphics screens for real-time or
highly interactive applications.  Non-programmers can design application
screens in a standard drawing-tool mode, connect them to real-time data
sources and animate screen objects to visualize changing data values.  SL-GMS
allows the design of custom "GISMOs" to input values or control the
application and supports MOTIF, OPEN LOOK and other X toolkit widgets.

SL-GMS is used extensively to provide real-time graphics for applications in
the fields of manufacturing, process control, network management, avionics and
financial tracking.

Host/Target:Validated Verdix and DEC compilers support SL-GMS for the
            following machines as both host and target:

      DEC-DECstation/ULTRIX 4.0DEC-VAXstation/ULTRIX 4.0
      DEC-VAXstation/VMS 5.4  DEC-VAXstation/VMS 5.5


      HP-9000/300/UNIX        HP-9000/400/UNIX
      HP-9000/800/UNIX        HP-9000/700/UNIX

      PC-386/IX UNIX          PC-386/SCO UNIX
      PC-386/Lynx             PC-386/0S2
      PC-386/System 5.4

      SGI-4D/IRIX 3.3

      Sun-3/SunOS 4.1         SunSPARC/SunOS 4.1

      88 Open/BCS Compliant

For more information, contact: Mike Meagher, SL Corporation, 240 Tamal Vista
                        Boulevard, Corte Madera, CA  94926, USA Phone: (415)
                        927-1724; Fax: (415) 927-2931

Sunrise Software International                                  (Updated:  May
1 992)

Sunrise Software International's product, ezx, is a rapid application
development tool that automates the creation of graphical user interfaces for
OSF/MOTIF and generates C, UIL, or Ada.  ezx provides WYSIWYG screen layout;
color, font and pixmap editors; presentation tools and dialog management.  A
prototype can be developed in hours and using a script language similar to
Hypertalk, demonstrated to end-users before the first line of code is written.
Then portable C, UIL or Ada can be generated automatically.  Ada bindings are
provided.  The total code required to develop a GUI is reduced by
approximately 75%.   The appearance and behavior of the GUI is defined in an X
resource file which the application loads at run time.  This provides explicit
separation between the GUI and the computational core of the application. Thus
the GUI can be revised without recompiling (and retesting) the application.

ezx provides cost savings throughout the software development cycle, from
requirements analysis through design, code, test and maintenance.

Host/Target:DEC RISC under ULTRIX, DEC VAX under VMS, IBM 386 under UNIX, IBM
            RS 6000 under AIX, SGI under , SUN SPARC under UNIX

For more information, contact:Frederick Sells, Sunrise Software International,
                        170 Enterprise Center, Middletown, RI  02840, USA;
                        Phone:  401-847-7868

Systems Engineering Research Corporation (SERC)            (Updated:  November
1 992)

SERC's Ada/MOTIF is a complete binding to X Window and OSF/Motif for the Ada
programming language that was based in part upon the SAIC/Unisys (STARS)
public domain bindings.  That work was leveraged as a starting point for this
development; many of the bug fixes and additional capabilities beyond the
public domain releases in Ada/MOTIF have been incorporated.  Most noteworthy
are the capabilities included in Ada/Motif for Ada tasking, callback
registration, memory leak detection/prevention and capabilities for developing
customized widgets.  Paramax/STARS considers Ada/Motif to be the commercial
version of their STARS bindings, according to SERC.

Ada/MOTIF is supported by the ALSYS, VERDIX, SUNAda, IBM Ada, and SGI Ada

Host/Target:SUN 4, HP 300/400, HP 700, IBM RS 6000, SGI, 386
            SUN OS 4.1.1, SOLARIS 2.0 (coming), HPUX 8.0, SGI 3.2 & 4.0, IBM
            ATX 3.2, SCO 3.2

For more information, contact:Theo Kusiolek or Scott Cleveland, Systems
                        Engineering Research Corporation (SERC), 2555
                        Charleston Road, Mountain View, CA  94043, USA; Phone:
                        800-ADA-SERC or 415/962-9092; Fax:  415/962-0330;
                        E-mail:  Well!sercmail@apple.com.

TeleSoft                                                   (Updated:  November
1 992)

TeleSoft's TeleUSE/Ada automates the creation of OSF/Motif graphical user
interfaces for Ada applications.  It includes a special version of the TeleUse
User Interface Management System -- which generates Ada source code -- and Ada
bindings to the TeleUSE run-time routines.

TeleUse/Ada tools allow a GUI to be prototyped and designed using a WYSIWYG
editor and a PDL, and also includes tools for debugging, generating production
code and maintaining the GUI.  TeleUse/Ada can save the developer up to 90
percent of the time required to hand code X Window System GUIs.

Host/Target:SPARC under UNIX, Sun-4 under UNIX

TeleSoft's TeleWindows is a set of Ada bindings to the X Window System and
OSF/Motif.  This includes Xlib, XT, X extensions Library, XT+, X miscellaneous
utilities, Motif widget set, XM, MWM, Motif resource manager.  It supports X-
11 R4 and is not based on the public domain version.  It closely follows the C
Xlib syntax and allows Ada applications to co-exist with C applications.

Host/Target:IBM System/370 under VM/CMS

For more information, contact:Karen Johnson, TeleSoft, 5959 Cornerstone Court
                        West, San Diego, CA  92121-9891, USA; Phone:  (619)

Verdix                                                          (Updated:  May
1 992)

The Verdix Ada Development System (VADS), is a complete Ada Compiler System
offering a fully validated Ada compiler with chapter 13 support.  Verdix
supplies VADSself and VADScross.   VADSself provides a complete toolset for
self-targeted applications.  It easily interfaces to databases, windowing
systems and program management tools.  VADScross provides real-time support
for host-to-target system development.  VADScross produces small and fast
object code.  VADS is hosted on the largest number of platforms and targets
the greatest number of microprocessors.

Host/Target:88000 BCS under UNIX, DEC VAX under VMS / ULTRIX / UNIX,
            DECStation (RISC) under UNIX, DECSystem (RISC) under UNIX, HP 9000
            Series 300 under HP-UX  (UNIX), IBM PS/2 under AIX  (UNIX), IBM
            RISC System/6000 under AIX, SCO Systems V/386 (ABI) under UNIX,
            Sun SPARC systems under UNIX, Sun-3 systems under UNIX

Verdix AXI provides an Ada binding to the full Motif, Xt, and Xlib libraries.
The product works with user-supplied Motif 1.1 and X11R4 libraries regardless
of source.

Host/Target:DEC RISC under Ultrix, IBM RS6000 under AIX, MIPS under MIPSos,
            Sun-4 under SunOS, Sys V386 under ISC UNIX, Sys V386 under SCO

For more information, contact:Tim Ruhe, Verdix Corporation, 205 Van Buren,
                        Herndon, VA  22070, USA; Phone:  (703) 318-5800

Answer: Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS) supplies Ada bindings to
Motif for a number of platforms and Ada compilers.  ICS also provides Builder
Xcessory, a Motif interface builder, which outputs Ada code usable with the
Ada bindings.  The product family is known collectively as the Ada Xcessories.

Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS) 201 Broadway, Cambridge, MA  02139
USA info@ics.com   617/621-0060
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