110) Is there a Common Lisp binding for Motif?

[Last modified: November 92]

Answer: Try CLM. This includes a toolkit demon (in C) that takes a widget
description (with callbacks), and forks a new process for each Motif
application (which can be just a single menu, or whatever).  Lisp can then
continue running, with a separate lightweight lisp process handling the
connection & callbacks.  In North America & net environs, CLM-2.0beta is
available from export.lcs.mit.edu.

There is also CLIM, the Common Lisp Interface Manager. It provides access to
motif and other toolkits and window systems.  Here is some blurb: "Version 2.0
of the Common Lisp Interface Manager (CLIM) provides access to Motif. CLIM is
the emerging standard for GUI development in Common Lisp.  It offers a set of
high-level facilities that enable rapid construction of user interfaces.
Applications written using CLIM are portable across a variety of window
systems and toolkits.  For example, on the X window System, both Motif
(OSF/Motif) and Openlook (OLIT) are supported.  CLIM accesses the toolkit
directly rather than emulating the look and feel."

CLIM is available from a variety of Common Lisp vendors including Symbolics
and Franz Inc. (info@franz.com).
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