30) Why does mwm 1.2 crash on startup?

[Last modified: March 93]

Answer: From David Brooks: The commonest cause of early mwm demise is as

- You, or someone, built Xlib in the default way using the Xsi
  internationalization functions.

- Your Xlib wasn't installed completely (or at all).

- Early on, mwm calls the function XmbTextListToTextProperty, which calls
  _XConvertMBToCT, which looks for the Xsi locale database, finds it
  missing, ignores this fact and tries to dereference zero.

The workaround is to find the database *somewhere*, and point the environment
variable XNLSPATH at it.  For example, in my personal X source tree:

        setenv XNLSPATH /home/X11r5src/mit/lib/nls/Xsi

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