29) Is there an mwm virtual desktop manager?

Answer: Peter E. Wagner (pew@cs.brown.edu): Imagine that your "desktop"
extends beyond the view provided by your monitor.  A virtual window manager
gives you access to the space beyond your viewport (i.e. your screen) by
allowing you to move the viewport to other areas of the extended desktop.

The first one is Solbourne's swm, which spawned vtwm/tvtwm/olvwm.

David B. Lewis created one.  suresh@unipalm.co.uk has further developed it
into the UniPalm product DOORS, which is only available as a source code
extension to the MOTIF window manager.  The price of the source and unlimited
right to distribute binaries is 10,000 pounds Sterling.  Alternately, source
and right to use within one company is 2,000 pounds Sterling.  Contact Peter

Unipalm Limited                         Voice: +44 (0) 223 420002
216 The Science Park                    Fax:   +44 (0) 223 426868

An enhancement request for such an object has been filed with OSF.
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