10)* Where can I get Motif?

[Last modified: DEC 93]

    Various hardware vendors produce developer's toolkits of binaries, header
files, and documentation; check your hardware vendor, particularly if that
vendor is an OSF member. Systems known to be shipping now: HP (sans UIL),
Apollo (sans UIL), SCO, ICS, Mips (RISCwindows=X11R3 + full Motif), IBM, Data
General for AViioNs (includes UIL), Bull (?), Concurrent Computer Corporation
5000, 6000, 8000 series machines, Convex, Sequent.

    In addition, independent binary vendors produce Motif toolkits .

[An FAQ is for "personal opinions" on these toolkits.  I don't think it is
appropriate to give such opinions through this particular posting, so I
haven't included any.]

Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS) 201 Broadway, Cambridge, MA  02139
USA info@ics.com   617/621-0060

ICS provides binary distributions of Motif for Sun platforms.  Other platforms
are available as well, call or send mail for current info.  ICS also provides
in-depth programming support for Motif and additional tools such as Builder
Xcessory, a Motif interface builder, and the Widget Databook, a source for
third party, commercially available and supported widgets, class libraries,
and subsystems.

Quest (408-496-1900) sells kits for Suns, as well;

IXI (+44 223 236 555) offers kits for Sun3         (SunOS 3.5 or later, and
Sun4         (SunOS 4.0.1 or later).         (Solaris 2.1 or later ( both
SPARC  and Intel ))         ( both M1.1.5 and Motif 1.2.2 for SPARC, Motif
1.2.2 for Intel ).

Sun Microsystems is now shipping a version of Motif also.

NSL (+33 (1) 43 36 77 50; requests@nsl.fr) offers kits for the Sun 3 and Sun

In Australia, Information Technology Consultants Pty Ltd has Motif 1.1.2 for
Sun Sparc 4.1 ( phone on (02) 360 6999, fax on (02) 360 6695 or e-mail to

SILOGIC (+33, 78 chemin des Sept Deniers - 31200 TOULOUSE FRANCE
sells Motif 1.1 and 1.2 on Sun4 machines. They also provide customers with
Motif maintenance and support, and do consulting on the X window System at
large, including software development.

METRO LINK INC., has Motif 1.2.3 and Motif 1.2.2 Runtime and Development
packages available for a variety of operating systems.  All versions ship with
shared library version of libXm.  Linux version includes free O'Reilly volume
and FTP shipping option.  Send mail to:

Motif 1.2.3 (available Dec. 1, 1993)
    Linux 0.99, Solaris 2.x (SPARC), SunOS 4.1.x      --->  $199.00
    Solaris 2.1 (x86)                                 --->  $299.00

Motif 1.2.2
    Linux 0.99, Solaris 2.x (SPARC), SunOS 4.1.x      --->  $199.00
    QNX, SVR3, SVR4.[012], SCO, UnixWare, SINIX,
    LynxOS, Venix, ISC, NCR SVR4 MP                   --->  Under $299.00

Metro Link Incorporated.  2213 W. McNab Rd. Pompano Beach,  Florida  33069
Voice: +1.305.970.7353x412  Fax: +1.305.970.7351  Email: ken@metrolink.com

BIM (Fax : +32(2)759.47.95) offer Motif 1.1 for Sun-3, Sun-4, Sun-386i.
Includes shared libraries.

Metrolink Inc. (+1-305-566-9586, sales@metrolink.com; in Europe contact ADNT,
(33 1) 3956 5333) ships an implementation of X11R4 and Motif 1.1 for several
386 systems.

    An OSF/Motif source license must be obtained from OSF before source can be
obtained from the Open Software Foundation. Call the Direct Channel Desk at
OSF at 617-621-7300 or email direct@osf.org for ordering information.

Bluestone offers Motif for $99.  Bluestone's  MWM is the compiled version of
OSF/ Motif for Sun/SPARC. It is plain vanilla Motif based on X11 and Xt
Intrinsics.  There is no license manager.  Platforms: Sun/OS 4.1+ and Solaris
V2.1,2.2. Contact: Bluestone @609-727-4600

In addition to the full Motif source, "option C" allows you to purchase source
for the window manager mwm to run on X terminals.
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