9)* What versions of Motif are there?

[Last modified: March 93]

Answer: Motif 1.0 is based on the R3 toolkit.  There are patch releases to
1.0: 1.0.1, 1.0.A, 1.0.2 and 1.0.3, 1.0.4, 1.0.5. 1.0.A was a fairly major
patch, as it involved a complete re-engineering of UIL and Mrm.  Almost
everyone who has 1.0.x has either 1.0.A or 1.0.3.

Motif 1.1 is based on the R4 toolkit.  The intial version was Motif 1.1.0.
Motif 1.1.1 has been released as a patch to licensees with Full Support or
Technical Update service.  Motif 1.1.2 is a patch release which contains the
necessary changes to fix over 80 bugs reported against Motif. It is available
to support contract holders (including both full support and update service).
The 1.1.3 release fixed a further 150 bugs and was available from August 1991
to support contract holders (including both full support and update service).
1.1.4 offers X11R5 support, but is not an X11R5 product.  1.1.5 was released
in June 92 to licensees who hold a Motif Full Support or Update Support

Motif 1.2.0 was released in April 1992 and is based on the X11R5 toolkit.  It
offers increased compatibility with international standards,  PC-style
behavior and binary compatibility with OSF/Motif 1.1 applications.  New
features include drag-and-drop, tear- off menus, toolkit enhancements and new
documentation.  toolkit.  The code is totally ANSI C.  OSF distributes a 10
pages sheet entitled "OSF/Motif R1.1 to R1.2: detailed overview of changes",
which is available from OSF Motif direct channels.  (617-621-7300 or email

Motif 1.2.1 was released September 92.  Due to an optimisation from 1.2.0 to
1.2.1 object code compiled under 1.2.1 (that is, using 1.2.1 header files)
will not link with 1.2.0 libraries (and, very probably, clients that use
shared libraries and are linked against 1.2.1 won't startup against 1.2).

Motif 1.2.2 was released March 93.  This release contains over 250 bug fixes,
improved text, drag-and-drop features and has less than one reported defect
per 1000 lines of code.

from dbrooks@osf.org Motif 1.2.3 was released on September 13, 1993.  The
defect density is measured at < 0.8 known reports per thousand lines.  In this
release, we have paid particular attention to memory leaks, and have improved
drag-and-drop performance greatly.
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