World Wide Web : Users

This page contains useful documents and links for WWW users:

* X Mosaic Documentation :
The following links lead to the document pages of X Mosaic.
+ About...
+ Manual...
+ Window...

* Entering the World-Wide Web: A Guide to Cyberspace
By Kevin Hughes, Enterprise Integration Technologies, May 1994. Excellent document, also available in postscript, text and html archive. format.

This is the FAQ for WWW as it is frequently posted to the comp.infosystems.www newsgroup. Text version is also available.

* News reading in WWW
WWW supports news reading through its clients. It only needs an environment variable called NNTPSERVER to point to your local NNTP server. The definition of the variable should be made in the .login file (or similar). E.g.:
     setenv NNTPSERVER
You can access any newsgroup giving an URL with the syntax news:newsgroup-name (e.g. news:soc.culture.greek). Related newsgroups to WWW are :
+ comp.infosystems.www
+ comp.infosystems.www.misc
+ comp.infosystems.www.users
+ comp.infosystems.www.providers
+ comp.infosystems.announce
+ comp.infosystems.gopher
+ comp.infosystems.wais

* A Beginner's Guide to URLs
This document describes the syntax of the URL or Uniform Resource Locator. Postscript version is available also.

* W3 Servers Lists & Indexes
+ Alphabetically sorted by continent country and state list (local copy)
+ By Subject list (CERN)
+ The CUI W3 Catalog
+ What's new with NCSA Mosaic Announcement list
+ Yahoo Catalog
+ Nonprofit Organizations on the Internet
+ Commercial Sites on the Web
+ EINet Galaxy
+ WWWW - The World Wide Web Worm
+ GNN Directory
+ The Awesome List

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