Mosaic User's Guide

NCSA Mosaic Document View Window


While the mouse pointer is in the hypertext viewing area, the following hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts for common actions) are active. Note that Mosaic is case-sensitive, but either case will usually work. a A Annotate m M Mail to b B Back n N New window c C Clone o O Open URL d D Document source p P Print f F Forward r Reload h window History R Refresh H Hotlist s S find in document (Search) l L open Local ESC Close the current window.

Movement Keys

Up and Down arrow keys Scroll up and down one line Left and Right arrow keys Scroll left and right Page Up/Prior/Backspace/Delete Scroll up one page Page Down/Next/Return/Tab/Space Scroll down one page

Text Selection

The viewing area allows you to select text as though you were in a normal terminal or editor window; the text can then be pasted into other X windows.

Press the left mouse button to begin selecting text; hold it and drag, or alternately release it and then use the right mouse button to complete the selection.

The Fancy Selections setting under the Options menu causes the paste function to imitate the formatted display in Mosaic's viewing area.

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