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A. General Index

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Index Entry Section

.gnuplot13. Start-up

abs10.1.1 abs
acos10.1.2 acos
acosh10.1.3 acosh
acsplines26.1.4 smooth
angles34.1 set angles
angles degrees34.1 set angles
arg10.1.4 arg
arrow34.2 set arrow
asin10.1.5 asin
asinh10.1.6 asinh
atan10.1.7 atan
atan10.1.9 atanh
atan210.1.8 atan2
autoscale34.3 set autoscale

bargraph34.47.2 boxes
batch/interactive5. Batch/Interactive Operation
besj010.1.10 besj0
besj110.1.11 besj1
besy010.1.12 besy0
besy110.1.13 besy1
bezier26.1.4 smooth
binary10.2.2 Binary
binary36.1.1 binary
binary data36.1.1 binary
binary files36.1.1 binary
bmargin34.5 set bmargin
border34.6 set border
boxerrorbars34.47.1 boxerrorbars
boxes34.47.2 boxes
boxwidth34.7 set boxwidth
boxxyerrorbars34.47.3 boxxyerrorbars
branch21.5 multi-branch
bugs38. update

call18. call
candlesticks34.47.4 candlesticks
cd17. cd
ceil10.1.14 ceil
clabel34.8 set clabel
clear19. clear
clip34.9 set clip
cntrparam34.10 set cntrparam
column10.1.40 column
command-line-editing6. Command-line-editing
commands16. Time/Date data
commands call18. call
commands cd17. cd
commands clear19. clear
commands exit20. exit
commands fit21. fit
commands fit adjustable_parameters21.1 adjustable parameters
commands fit beginners_guide21.2 beginner's guide
commands fit error practical_guidelines21.3.2 practical guidelines
commands fit error statistical_overview21.3.1 statistical overview
commands fit error_estimate21.3 error estimates
commands fit multi-branch21.5 multi-branch
commands fit parameters21.1 adjustable parameters
commands fit starting_values21.6 starting values
commands fit tips21.7 tips
commands fit_control21.4 fit controlling
commands fit_control environment21.4.2 environment variables
commands fit_control variables21.4.1 control variables
commands help22. help
commands if23. if
commands load24. load
commands pause25. pause
commands plot26. plot
commands plot datafile26.1 data-file
commands plot datafile every26.1.1 every
commands plot datafile example26.1.2 example datafile
commands plot datafile index26.1.3 index
commands plot datafile smooth26.1.4 smooth
commands plot datafile smooth acsplines26.1.4 smooth
commands plot datafile smooth bezier26.1.4 smooth
commands plot datafile smooth csplines26.1.4 smooth
commands plot datafile smooth sbezier26.1.4 smooth
commands plot datafile smooth unique26.1.4 smooth
commands plot datafile special-filenames26.1.5 special-filenames
commands plot datafile thru26.1.6 thru
commands plot datafile using26.1.7 using
commands plot errorbars26.2 errorbars
commands plot parametric26.3 parametric
commands plot ranges26.4 ranges
commands plot style26.6 with
commands plot title26.5 title
commands plot with26.6 with
commands print27. print
commands pwd28. pwd
commands quit29. quit
commands replot30. replot
commands reread31. reread
commands reset32. reset
commands save33. save
commands set34. set-show
commands set angles34.1 set angles
commands set angles degrees34.1 set angles
commands set arrow34.2 set arrow
commands set autoscale34.3 set autoscale
commands set autoscale parametric34.3.1 parametric mode
commands set autoscale polar34.3.2 polar mode
commands set bar34.4 set bar
commands set bmargin34.5 set bmargin
commands set border34.6 set border
commands set boxwidth34.7 set boxwidth
commands set clabel34.8 set clabel
commands set clip34.9 set clip
commands set cntrparam34.10 set cntrparam
commands set contour34.11 set contour
commands set data style34.12 set data style
commands set data style34.47 set style
commands set dgrid3d34.13 set dgrid3d
commands set dummy34.14 set dummy
commands set encoding34.15 set encoding
commands set format34.16 set format
commands set format specifiers34.16.1 format specifiers
commands set format time/date_specifiers34.16.2 time/date specifiers
commands set function style34.17 set function style
commands set function style34.47 set style
commands set grid34.19 set grid
commands set hidden3d34.20 set hidden3d
commands set isosamples34.21 set isosamples
commands set key34.22 set key
commands set label34.23 set label
commands set linestyle34.24 set linestyle
commands set lmargin34.25 set lmargin
commands set locale34.26 set locale
commands set logscale34.27 set logscale
commands set mapping34.28 set mapping
commands set margin34.29 set margin
commands set missing34.30 set missing
commands set multiplot34.31 set multiplot
commands set mx2tics34.32 set mx2tics
commands set mxtics34.33 set mxtics
commands set my2tics34.34 set my2tics
commands set mytics34.35 set mytics
commands set mztics34.36 set mztics
commands set noarrow34.2 set arrow
commands set noautoscale34.3 set autoscale
commands set noborder34.6 set border
commands set noclabel34.8 set clabel
commands set noclip34.9 set clip
commands set nocontour34.11 set contour
commands set nodgrid3d34.13 set dgrid3d
commands set nogrid34.19 set grid
commands set nohidden3d34.20 set hidden3d
commands set nokey34.22 set key
commands set nolabel34.23 set label
commands set nolinestyle34.24 set linestyle
commands set nologscale34.27 set logscale
commands set nomultiplot34.31 set multiplot
commands set nomx2tics34.32 set mx2tics
commands set nomxtics34.33 set mxtics
commands set nomy2tics34.34 set my2tics
commands set nomytics34.35 set mytics
commands set nomztics34.36 set mztics
commands set nooffsets34.37 set offsets
commands set noparametric34.40 set parametric
commands set nopolar34.42 set polar
commands set nosurface34.48 set surface
commands set notimestamp34.53 set timestamp
commands set nox2dtics34.64 set x2dtics
commands set nox2mtics34.66 set x2mtics
commands set nox2tics34.68 set x2tics
commands set nox2zeroaxis34.69 set x2zeroaxis
commands set noxdtics34.71 set xdtics
commands set noxmtics34.73 set xmtics
commands set noxtics34.75 set xtics
commands set noxzeroaxis34.76 set xzeroaxis
commands set noy2dtics34.78 set y2dtics
commands set noy2mtics34.80 set y2mtics
commands set noy2tics34.82 set y2tics
commands set noy2zeroaxis34.83 set y2zeroaxis
commands set noydtics34.85 set ydtics
commands set noymtics34.87 set ymtics
commands set noytics34.89 set ytics
commands set noyzeroaxis34.90 set yzeroaxis
commands set nozdtics34.92 set zdtics
commands set nozeroaxis34.94 set zeroaxis
commands set nozmtics34.96 set zmtics
commands set noztics34.98 set ztics
commands set offsets34.37 set offsets
commands set origin34.38 set origin
commands set output34.39 set output
commands set parametric34.40 set parametric
commands set pointsize34.41 set pointsize
commands set polar34.42 set polar
commands set rmargin34.43 set rmargin
commands set rrange34.44 set rrange
commands set samples34.45 set samples
commands set size34.46 set size
commands set style bargraph34.47.2 boxes
commands set style boxerrorbars34.47.1 boxerrorbars
commands set style boxes34.47.2 boxes
commands set style boxxyerrorbars34.47.3 boxxyerrorbars
commands set style candlesticks34.47.4 candlesticks
commands set style dots34.47.5 dots
commands set style errorbars34.47.17 yerrorbars
commands set style financebars34.47.6 financebars
commands set style fsteps34.47.7 fsteps
commands set style histeps34.47.8 histeps
commands set style impulses34.47.9 impulses
commands set style lines34.47.10 lines
commands set style linespoints34.47.11 linespoints
commands set style lp34.47.11 linespoints
commands set style points34.47.12 points
commands set style steps34.47.13 steps
commands set style vector34.47.14 vector
commands set style xerrorbars34.47.15 xerrorbars
commands set style xyerrorbars34.47.16 xyerrorbars
commands set style yerrorbars34.47.17 yerrorbars
commands set surface34.48 set surface
commands set terminal34.49 set terminal
commands set tics34.50 set tics
commands set ticscale34.52 set ticscale
commands set ticslevel34.51 set ticslevel
commands set time34.53 set timestamp
commands set timefmt34.54 set timefmt
commands set timestamp34.53 set timestamp
commands set title34.55 set title
commands set tmargin34.56 set tmargin
commands set trange34.57 set trange
commands set urange34.58 set urange
commands set view34.61 set view
commands set vrange34.62 set vrange
commands set x2data34.63 set x2data
commands set x2dtics34.64 set x2dtics
commands set x2label34.65 set x2label
commands set x2mtics34.66 set x2mtics
commands set x2range34.67 set x2range
commands set x2tics34.68 set x2tics
commands set x2zeroaxis34.69 set x2zeroaxis
commands set xdata34.70 set xdata
commands set xdtics34.71 set xdtics
commands set xlabel34.72 set xlabel
commands set xmtics34.73 set xmtics
commands set xrange34.74 set xrange
commands set xtics34.75 set xtics
commands set xzeroaxis34.76 set xzeroaxis
commands set y2data34.77 set y2data
commands set y2dtics34.78 set y2dtics
commands set y2label34.79 set y2label
commands set y2mtics34.80 set y2mtics
commands set y2range34.81 set y2range
commands set y2tics34.82 set y2tics
commands set y2zeroaxis34.83 set y2zeroaxis
commands set ydata34.84 set ydata
commands set ydtics34.85 set ydtics
commands set ylabel34.86 set ylabel
commands set ymtics34.87 set ymtics
commands set yrange34.88 set yrange
commands set ytics34.89 set ytics
commands set yzeroaxis34.90 set yzeroaxis
commands set zdata34.91 set zdata
commands set zdtics34.92 set zdtics
commands set zero34.93 set zero
commands set zeroaxis34.94 set zeroaxis
commands set zlabel34.95 set zlabel
commands set zmtics34.96 set zmtics
commands set zrange34.97 set zrange
commands set ztics34.98 set ztics
commands shell35. shell
commands show34. set-show
commands show angles34.1 set angles
commands show arrow34.2 set arrow
commands show autoscale34.3 set autoscale
commands show bar34.4 set bar
commands show border34.6 set border
commands show boxwidth34.7 set boxwidth
commands show clabel34.8 set clabel
commands show clip34.9 set clip
commands show cntrparam34.10 set cntrparam
commands show contour34.11 set contour
commands show data style34.12 set data style
commands show data style34.47 set style
commands show dgrid3d34.13 set dgrid3d
commands show dummy34.14 set dummy
commands show encoding34.15 set encoding
commands show format34.16 set format
commands show function style34.17 set function style
commands show function style34.47 set style
commands show functions34.18 set functions
commands show grid34.19 set grid
commands show hidden3d34.20 set hidden3d
commands show isosamples34.21 set isosamples
commands show key34.22 set key
commands show label34.23 set label
commands show linestyle34.24 set linestyle
commands show logscale34.26 set locale
commands show logscale34.27 set logscale
commands show mapping34.28 set mapping
commands show margin34.29 set margin
commands show mx2tics34.32 set mx2tics
commands show mxtics34.33 set mxtics
commands show my2tics34.34 set my2tics
commands show mytics34.35 set mytics
commands show mztics34.36 set mztics
commands show offsets34.37 set offsets
commands show origin34.38 set origin
commands show output34.39 set output
commands show parametric34.40 set parametric
commands show pointsize34.41 set pointsize
commands show polar34.42 set polar
commands show rrange34.44 set rrange
commands show samples34.45 set samples
commands show size34.46 set size
commands show surface34.48 set surface
commands show terminal34.49 set terminal
commands show tics34.50 set tics
commands show ticscale34.52 set ticscale
commands show ticslevel34.51 set ticslevel
commands show timefmt34.54 set timefmt
commands show timestamp34.53 set timestamp
commands show title34.55 set title
commands show trange34.57 set trange
commands show urange34.58 set urange
commands show variables34.59 set variables
commands show view34.61 set view
commands show vrange34.62 set vrange
commands show x2data34.63 set x2data
commands show x2dtics34.64 set x2dtics
commands show x2label34.65 set x2label
commands show x2mtics34.66 set x2mtics
commands show x2range34.67 set x2range
commands show x2tics34.68 set x2tics
commands show x2zeroaxis34.69 set x2zeroaxis
commands show xdata34.70 set xdata
commands show xdtics34.71 set xdtics
commands show xlabel34.72 set xlabel
commands show xmtics34.73 set xmtics
commands show xrange34.74 set xrange
commands show xtics34.75 set xtics
commands show xzeroaxis34.76 set xzeroaxis
commands show y2data34.77 set y2data
commands show y2label34.79 set y2label
commands show y2mtics34.80 set y2mtics
commands show y2range34.81 set y2range
commands show y2tics34.82 set y2tics
commands show y2zeroaxis34.83 set y2zeroaxis
commands show ydata34.84 set ydata
commands show ydtics34.85 set ydtics
commands show ylabel34.86 set ylabel
commands show ymtics34.87 set ymtics
commands show yrange34.88 set yrange
commands show ytics34.89 set ytics
commands show yzeroaxis34.90 set yzeroaxis
commands show zdata34.91 set zdata
commands show zdtics34.92 set zdtics
commands show zero34.93 set zero
commands show zeroaxis34.94 set zeroaxis
commands show zlabel34.95 set zlabel
commands show zmtics34.96 set zmtics
commands show zrange34.97 set zrange
commands show ztics34.98 set ztics
commands splot36. splot
commands splot datafile36.1 data-file
commands splot datafile binary36.1.1 binary
commands splot datafile example36.1.2 example datafile
commands splot datafile matrix36.1.3 matrix
commands splot errorbars26.2 errorbars
commands splot grid_data36.2 grid_data
commands splot parametric26.3 parametric
commands splot ranges26.4 ranges
commands splot style26.6 with
commands splot title26.5 title
commands splot with26.6 with
commands splot_overview36.3 splot_overview
commands test37. test
commands update38. update
comments7. Comments
contour34.11 set contour
coordinates8. Coordinates
copyright1. Copyright
cos10.1.15 cos
cosh10.1.16 cosh
csplines26.1.4 smooth

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