168) How do I use xmkmf for Motif clients?

[Last modified: October 1992]

Answer: This advice comes from dbrooks@osf.org:

There are a number of intractable problems with using X configuration files
and xmkmf, while trying to make it easy to build Motif.  Not the least of
these, but one I've never heard mentioned yet, is that the rules for
contructing the names of shared library macros are machine-dependent, and in
the various xxxLib.tmpl files.  Do we edit all those files to add definitions
for XMLIB, DEPXMLIB, etc., or do we put a maze of #ifdefs into the Motif.tmpl

Please note that, if you install Motif, it overwrites your installed
Imake.tmpl with one that includes Motif.tmpl and Motif.rules.

With those caveats, I think the following guidelines will help.

David Brooks OSF

Clients in the X11R5 release use the xmkmf command to build Makefiles.  In
general, the xmkmf command cannot be used for Motif clients, because of the
need to consider the UseInstalledMotif flag separately.  Since xmkmf is a
simple script that calls imake, it is easy to construct the proper call to
imake using the following rules.

In the following, replace {MTOP} by the toplevel directory with the Motif
source tree, and {XTOP} by the toplevel ("mit") directory with the X source.
It is assumed that the directory containing your installed imake is in your

When needed, the imake variables XTop and MTop are normally set in your
site.def (to {XTOP} amd {MTOP} respectively); however they may also be set
with additional -D arguments to imake.

1. With both X and Motif in their source trees, ensure the imake variables
   XTop and MTop are set, and use:

        ${XTOP}/config/imake -I{MTOP}/config

2. With Motif in its source tree, and X installed, ensure MTop is set, and

        imake -I{MTOP}/config -DUseInstalled

3. With both Motif and X installed, and a nonstandard ProjectRoot (see
   site.def for an explanation of this), use:

        imake -DUseInstalled -DUseInstalledMotif -I{ProjectRoot}/lib/X11/config

   or, if the configuration files are in /usr/lib/X11/config:

        imake -DUseInstalled -DUseInstalledMotif

To build a simple Imakefile, remember to include lines like this:

        LOCAL_LIBRARIES = XmClientLibs
                DEPLIBS = XmClientDepLibs

Or, for a client that uses uil/mrm, replace these by MrmClientLibs and
MrmClientDepLibs, and also use:


to build the client and uid file.  Look at the demos for more examples.

And Paul Howell <grue@engin.umich.edu> added:

i did this, calling the new script "xmmkmf".  It passes both -DUseInstalled
and -DUseInstalledMotif.

and i modified the stock R5 Imake.tmpl to do this:

#include <Project.tmpl>
#ifdef UseInstalledMotif
#include <Motif.tmpl>

#include <Imake.rules>
#ifdef UseInstalledMotif
#include <Motif.rules>

the result was something that does both athena and motif rules.  and it really
works, just that easy!
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