161) Why are only some of my translations are being installed? I

have a translation table like the following, but only the first ones are
getting installed and the rest are ignored.

 *Text.translations:    #override \
     Ctrl<Key>a:    beginning-of-line() \n\
     Ctrl<Key>e:    end-of-line() \n\
     Ctrl<Key>f:    forward-character() \n\

Answer: Most likely, you have a space at the end of one of the lines (the
first in this case).

     Ctrl<Key>a:    beginning-of-line() \n\
                                           ^ space here

The second backslash in each line is there to protect the real newline
character and so you must not follow it with anything other than the newline
itself. Otherwise it acts as the end of the resource definition and the
remaining lines are not added.
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