159) Is there a help system available, such as in Windows 3? Or any

Motif based hypertext system.

[Last modified: May 93]


Bristol Technology have a hypertext system HyperHelp with the look-and-feel of
either Motif or OpenLook. It should be available from january 31, 1992.

        Bristol Technology Inc.
        898 Ethan Allen Highway
        Ridgefield, CT  06877
        203-438-6969 (phone)
        203-438-5013 (fax)

Demos are available by anonymous ftp from  ftp.uu.net ( in the
vendor/Bristol/HyperHelp as files sun.motif.tar.Z and hp.tar.Z.

There was a posting of a motif hypertext-widget to comp.sources.x (Author:
B.Raoult ( mab@ecmwf.co.uk ) ).  It had the facility to read in helptext from
a file.

From Francois Felix Ingrand (felix@idefix.laas.fr): I have translated the Info
AW (originally written by Jordan Hubbard) to Motif. It is a Widget to browse
Info files (format used by GNU for their various documentations). I use it as
the help system of various tool I wrote.  It is available on laas.laas.fr
( in /pub/prs/xinfo-motif.tar.Z

Form Scott Raney (raney@metacard.com) MetaCard is a commercial package that
can be used to implement hypertext help.  The text fields support multiple
typefaces, sizes, styles, colors, subscript/superscript, and hypertext links.
It has a Motif interface, and a template for calling it from an Xt/Motif
application is included.  You can FTP a save-disabled distribution from
ftp.metacard.com or from world.std.com.  For more info, email to

The Motifation GbR also provides a hypertext-helpsystem named 'XpgHelp'.
(Motif look-and-feel / features like those known from MS Windows Help ) For a
free demo or more information send email either to griebel@uni-paderborn.d e
or contact the distributor:

        PEM GmbH,
        Vaihinger Strasse 49,
        7000 Stuttgart 80,
        +49 (0) 711 713045 (phone),
        +49 (0) 711 713047 (fax),
        email: basien@pem-stuttgart.de

XpgHelp has nearly the same features like HyperHelp: (multiple fonts, graphics
in b&w and color, different styles, tabs, links, short links, notepad, ...)

The Interface Builder MOTIFATION uses XpgHelp as its hypertext helpsystem.
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