153) Why does an augment translation appear to act as replace for

some widgets?  When I use either augment or override translations in
.Xdefaults it seems to act as replace in both Motif 1.0 and 1.1

Answer: By default, the translation table is NULL.  If there is nothing
specified (either in resource file, or in args), the widget's Initialize
finds: Oh, there is NULL in translations, lets use our default ones.  If,
however, the translations have become non-NULL, the default translations are
NOT used at all. Thus, using #augment, #override or a new table has identical
effect: defines the new translations. The only way you can augment/override
Motif's default translations is AFTER Initialize, using XtSetValues.  Note,
however, that Motif managers do play with translation tables as well ... so
that results are not always easy to predict.

From OSF: A number of people have complained about not being able to
augment/override translations from the .Xdefaults.  This is due to the
complexity of the menu system/keyboard traversal and the necessary
translations changes required to support the Motif Style Guide in menus.  It
cannot be fixed in a simple way. Fixing it requires re-design of the
menus/buttons and it is planned to be fixed in 1.2.
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