151) Can I use editres with Motif?

[Last modified: January 93]

Answer: It isn't built in to Motif (at 1.2.0), but you can do this in your

    extern void _XEditResCheckMessages();
    XtAddEventHandler(shell_widget, (EventMask)0, True,
                        _XEditResCheckMessages, NULL);

once for each shell widget that you want to react to the "click to select
client" protocol.  Then link your client with the R5 libXmu.

David Brooks, OSF

From Marc Quinton (quinton@stna7.stna7.stna.dgac.fr):

With X11R4 see the Editres package which is a port of the X11R5 Editres
protocol and client. You can find it at :

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