149) What is the X Professional Organization

[Last modified: JAN 02 1994]

Answer: The X Professional Organization's (XPO) purpose is to provide service
to the X community.  It will serve as an information conduit for professional
users of X.  XPO will participate in X activities, and help keep its members
informed on X related issues.

In addition to the communication that professional organizations offer, XPO
provides these other benefits to members:

    * subscription to the The X Resource, a quarterly publication
      by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.,

    * discounts on X related products, 20% off most new books

*** For a sample issue of the newsletter,
*** email  wbarker@wam.umd.edu and include your surface address:

    * the XPO quarterly newsletter featuring:
         o highlights of conference activities,
         o new product information,
         o articles highlighting the latest innovations in X,
         o feedback from developers and users of X,
         o calendar of activities,
         o forum for X professionals to interact and learn,
         o and much more...

Membership Information:
Annual pricing information in US dollars.

Associate:  Quarterly newsletter
Regular: Quarterly newsletter + subscription to The X Resource
Special: Regular + The X Resource  supplemental issues

Country               Associate    Regular     Special
USA                     $35.00     $100.00     $120.00
Canada & Mexico         $40.00     $105.00     $135.00
Europe & Africa         $45.00     $125.00     $175.00
Asia & Australia        $50.00     $130.00     $185.00

Contact:  X Professional Organization, Post Office Box 78, Beltsville,
Maryland, 20704  USA

Phone/fax: (410) 465-9918, email: wbarker@wam.umd.edu
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