147) What is the matter with Frame in Motif 1.2?

[Last modified: November 92]

Answer: This announcement has been made by OSF:


We have discovered two problems in the new 1.2 child alignment resources in
XmFrame. Because some vendors may have committed, or are soon to commit to
field releases of Motif 1.2 and 1.2.1, OSF's options for fixing them are
limited. We are trying to deal with these in a way that does not cause
hardship for application developers who will develop applications against
various point versions of Motif. OSF's future actions for correction are


1. Mark the following change in your documentation.

On page 1-512 of the OSF/Motif Programmer's Reference, change the descriptions
under XmNchildVerticalAlignment as follows (what follows is the CORRECT
wording to match the current implementation):

        Causes the BOTTOM edge of the title area to align
        vertically with the top shadow of the Frame.

        Causes the TOP edge of the title area to align
        vertically with the top shadow of the Frame.

2. Note the following limitation on resource converters for Motif 1.2 and
1.2.1 implementations.

The rep types for XmFrame's XmNentryVerticalAlignment resource were
incorrected implemented, which means that converters will not work properly.
The following resource settings will not work from a resource file in 1.2 and

        *childVerticalAlignment: alignment_baseline_bottom
        *childVerticalAlignment: alignment_baseline_top
        *childVerticalAlignment: alignment_widget_bottom
        *childVerticalAlignment: alignment_widget_top

If you wish to set these values for these resources (note they are new
constraint resources in XmFrame) you will have to set them directly in C or
via uil.


The problem described in note #1 above will not be fixed in the OSF/Motif
implementation until the next MAJOR release of Motif.  At that time we will
correct the documentation and modify the code to match those new descriptions,
but we will preserve the existing enumerated values and their behavior for
backward compatibility for that release.

The fix for the problem described in note #2 will be shipped by OSF in Motif


We are sorry for any difficulty this causes Motif users.  If you have any
questions or flames (I suppose I deserve it) please send them directly to me.
We sincerely hope this proactive response is better for our customers than you
having to figure it out yourselves!

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