103) How do I make my own dialog? I want a dialog with my own set

of buttons that stretch and shrink like the ones in e.g. PromptDialog and its
own contents.

Answer: Start off with say a PromptDialog. Unmanage the buttons you don't want
or manage the Apply button if you want another. Unmanage the other bits of the
selection box you don't want. You can add another WorkArea child to the
selection box for any extra stuff you want.

    /* Copyright 1990, Kee Hinckley and Brian Holt Hawthorne */
    /* Permission granted for any use, provided this copyright */
    /* notice is maintained. */

    /* Create a dialog box */
    argcount = setArgs(&args, XmNautoUnmanage, False, NULL);
    SomeDialog = XmCreatePromptDialog(mainShell, "someDialog", args, argcount);

    /* Now get rid of the things we don't want */
    child = XmSelectionBoxGetChild(SomeDialog, XmDIALOG_SELECTION_LABEL);
    child = XmSelectionBoxGetChild(SomeDialog, XmDIALOG_TEXT);

    /* set the callbacks, and make sure the buttons we want are there */
    child = XmSelectionBoxGetChild(SomeDialog, XmDIALOG_OK_BUTTON);
    XtAddCallback(child, XmNactivateCallback, callSomeFunc, someArg);
    XtAddCallback(child, XmNactivateCallback, unManage, SomeDialog);
    child = XmSelectionBoxGetChild(SomeDialog, XmDIALOG_APPLY_BUTTON);
    XtAddCallback(child, XmNactivateCallback, callSomeFunc, someOtherArg);
    child = XmSelectionBoxGetChild(SomeDialog, XmDIALOG_CANCEL_BUTTON);
    XtAddCallback(child, XmNactivateCallback, dialogUnmanage, SomeDialog);

    /* Add a new work area. This can be any manager. */
    child = XmCreateForm(SomeDialog, "someForm", NULL, 0);

    /* and fill it up... */
    something = doYourStuff(child);
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