117) On a Sun 3, what are the mwm startup error messages about? I


mwm: Invalid accelerator specification on line 7 of
     specification string
mwm: Invalid accelerator specification on line 31 of
      configuration file

Answer: This is because some Sun keyboards do not have an F10 key and some sun
workstations which have an F10 key do not have X-servers which recognize it.
The F10 key is used by mwm.  If the machine does have an F10 key, the user
should use xmodmap to tell the server it exists.  Otherwise, change the
definition of the DefaultWindowMenu in /usr/lib/X11/system.mwmrc (after
installation) or in /lib/clients/mwm/system.mwmrc (before installation).
Change the accelerator of "Maximize" (it is "Alt<Key>F10)" to something else.
Also, you should change the definition of DEFAULTSYSTEMMENU in the file
/clients/mwm/WmResource.c in a similar fashion.  There is as yet no standard
redefinition for F10.
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