2) Is the FAQ list available for FTP anywhere?

[Last modified: Dec 93]

Answer: A number of FAQ's (including this one) are available for anonymous ftp
at rtfm.mit.edu, under the directory pub/usenet.  (Motif is under
pub/usenet/comp.windows.x.motif and also under
pub/usenet/comp/windows/x/motif) There is also a mail server called mail-
server@rtfm.mit.edu.  To retrieve a file send mail to the server with a
subject or body similar to

        send usenet/comp.windows.x.motif/Motif_FAQ_(Part_1_of_5).Z

This service is looked after by Jonathan Kamens (jik@rtfm.mit.edu).

It has also been placed in contrib/Motif-FAQ at

This files are also accessible from WAIS (Wide Area Information System) under
UC-Motif-FAQ, allowing keyword-based searches of the FAQ.  ---------
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