20)* How can I find which version of Motif I have?

[Last modified: October 93]

Answer: The macro XmVERSION gives you the version number.  The macro
XmREVISION gives you the major revision number.  The macro XmVersion combines
these e.g. a value of 1002 is Motif 1.2.

To find the minor revision number is not easy.  From Motif 1.1.3 onwards, try

   'strings `which mwm` | grep OSF'.

to get the full version number e.g. 1.1.3.

In Motif 1.2, the macro XmUPDATE_LEVEL was added to give the minor revision

+ ( above also known as the patch level).  + In addition there was a macro
string added,  XmVERSION_STRING which has all + the above info in a char

+ grepping through a strings of libXm.a for OSF can also sometime give +
something useful.

Version X11R6 is due out in spring of 1994 (april 15?)

thanks to hops@x.co.uk Mike Hopkirk
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