18) What MIT patches do I use, and when do I use fix-osf?

Answer: The Motif 1.1.0 tape contains MIT patches 1-14. Apply these and any
others you can get.  If your MIT patch level only goes up to fix-16, you also
need to apply fix-osf.  Fix-osf was an emergency patch for a problem that
existed when the Motif 1.1 tape was cut, The MIT fix-17 completely superseded
osf-fix, so if you have applied fix-17 do not apply fix-osf.  The 1.1.1 tape
contains MIT fixes 15-18, as well as an OSF-developed fix that deals with a
subtle bug in the Selection mechanism of the Intrinsics.  Most people will
have fix-15 to 18 by now; if you don't have them:

        Back out fix-osf if you have applied it
        Apply fix-15 to 18
        Apply fix-osf-1.1.1

The Selection fix was submitted to MIT, who came up with a different fix.  It
will not be made into an R4 fix but should be in R5. The MIT fix was posted to
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