14)* Has anyone done a public domain Motif lookalike?

[Last modified: March 93]

Answer: Not yet.  The specification is available (AES), and the validation
suite can be bought, but no-one has taken up the challenge.  There are some
commercial lookalikes (Looking Glass and Neuron Data), but no workalikes.

Applications that follow the Style Guide might be certified Motif-compliant
through the checklist process, even though they're not using OSF/Motif

Tcl/Tk is available for ftp from allspice.berkeley.edu, and although
implemented without Xt, has a "strict Motif" mode.

Strom Sytems (18666 Redmond Way o-2118, Redmond, WA 98052-6725) have a Simple
Toolkit for X-Windows (sic) that appears to follow the Style Guide even though
it doesn't quite look like Motif.

MOOLIT is a USL product that can be runtime switched between the Sun Open Look
and Motif appearance.  It is based on  OLIT 4i.

Interviews is a C++ based product with appearance similar to Motif.  A ftp-
able version is on interviews.stanford.edu.  A commercial version is available
as InterViews Plus.
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