How can I join the BITNET fractal discussion?

Q26: How can I join the BITNET fractal discussion?
A26: There is a fractal discussion on BITNET that uses an automatic mail
server that sends mail to a distribution list.  (On some systems, the contents
of FRAC-L appear in the Usenet newsgroup bit.listserv.frac-l.) Note that once
you join, you may have a very difficult time unsubscribing.  To join the
mailing list, send a message to with the following
as text:
SUBSCRIBE FRAC-L John Doe    (where John Doe is replaced by your name)
To unsubscribe, send the message:
If that doesn't unsubscribe you, you can try:
If that doesn't work or you have other problems, you can contact the list
administrator.  You can obtain their name by sending the message:
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