Where can I obtain fractal papers?

Q25: Where can I obtain fractal papers?
A25: There are several Internet sites with fractal papers:

There is an ftp archive site for preprints and programs on nonlinear dynamics
and related subjects at: lyapunov.ucsd.edu:/pub [].  There are
also articles on dynamics, including the IMS preprint series, available from
math.sunysb.edu:/preprints [].

A collection of short papers on fractal formulas, drawing methods, and
transforms is available by ftp: ftp.coe.montana.edu:/pub/fractals (this site
hasn't been working lately).

The site life.anu.edu.au [] has a collection of fractal programs,
papers, information related to complex systems, and gopher and World Wide Web
connections.  The ftp path is life.anu.edu.au:/pub/complex_systems ; look in
fractals, tutorial, and anu92.  The Word Wide Web access is
"http://life.anu.edu.au/complex_systems/complex.html".  The gopher path is:
Name=BioInformatics gopher at ANU

One WWW site listing many other sites related to complex systems is
http://www.seas.upenn.edu/~ale/cplxsys.html .
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