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2.4.9 Terminal Management

Function: void rl_prep_terminal (int meta_flag)
Modify the terminal settings for Readline's use, so readline() can read a single character at a time from the keyboard. The meta_flag argument should be non-zero if Readline should read eight-bit input.

Function: void rl_deprep_terminal (void)
Undo the effects of rl_prep_terminal(), leaving the terminal in the state in which it was before the most recent call to rl_prep_terminal().

Function: void rl_tty_set_default_bindings (Keymap kmap)
Read the operating system's terminal editing characters (as would be displayed by stty) to their Readline equivalents. The bindings are performed in kmap.

Function: int rl_reset_terminal (const char *terminal_name)
Reinitialize Readline's idea of the terminal settings using terminal_name as the terminal type (e.g., vt100). If terminal_name is NULL, the value of the TERM environment variable is used.

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