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2.4.8 Character Input

Function: int rl_read_key (void)
Return the next character available from Readline's current input stream. This handles input inserted into the input stream via rl_pending_input (see section 2.3 Readline Variables) and rl_stuff_char(), macros, and characters read from the keyboard. While waiting for input, this function will call any function assigned to the rl_event_hook variable.

Function: int rl_getc (FILE *stream)
Return the next character available from stream, which is assumed to be the keyboard.

Function: int rl_stuff_char (int c)
Insert c into the Readline input stream. It will be "read" before Readline attempts to read characters from the terminal with rl_read_key().

Function: int rl_execute_next (int c)
Make c be the next command to be executed when rl_read_key() is called. This sets rl_pending_input.

Function: int rl_clear_pending_input (void)
Unset rl_pending_input, effectively negating the effect of any previous call to rl_execute_next(). This works only if the pending input has not already been read with rl_read_key().

Function: int rl_set_keyboard_input_timeout (int u)
While waiting for keyboard input in rl_read_key(), Readline will wait for u microseconds for input before calling any function assigned to rl_event_hook. The default waiting period is one-tenth of a second. Returns the old timeout value.

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