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17. Concept Index

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Index Entry Section

"5.1.3 Sentences
"5.17.4 Using Symbols

'5.1.3 Sentences
'5.17.4 Using Symbols

)5.1.3 Sentences
)5.17.4 Using Symbols

*5.1.3 Sentences
*5.17.4 Using Symbols

8-bit input8.1.1 Output Format
8-bit input8.2.2 Font file format

]5.1.3 Sentences
]5.17.4 Using Symbols

aborting5.30 Debugging
access of postprocessor5.28 Postprocessor Access
adjusting5.1.1 Filling and Adjusting
adjusting and filling, manipulating5.8 Manipulating Filling and Adjusting
aliases, macro5.21 Writing Macros
annotations3.2.6 Footnotes and Annotations
appending to strings5.19 Strings
appending, to a macro5.21 Writing Macros
arc drawing5.23 Drawing Requests
argument delimiting characters5.6.3 Escapes
arguments to requests5.6.1.1 Request Arguments
arithmetic operators5.4 Expressions
artificial fonts5.17.5 Artificial Fonts
ASCII approximation output register5.7.5 Built-in Registers
assigning formats5.7.4 Assigning Formats
auto-increment5.7.3 Auto-increment

backspace character5.5 Identifiers
backspace character5.12 Character Translations
backtrace of input stack5.30 Debugging
baseline5.18 Sizes
basic units5.3 Measurements
basics of macros3.1 Basics
blank line5.1.5 Implicit Line Breaks
blank lines3.1 Basics
blank lines, disabling5.10 Manipulating Spacing
bold face, imitating5.17.5 Artificial Fonts
boldface, in manual pages4.1.3 Macros to set fonts
bottom margin5.15 Page Layout
box rule character5.23 Drawing Requests
break3.1 Basics
break3.1 Basics
break5.8 Manipulating Filling and Adjusting
break, implicit5.1.5 Implicit Line Breaks
built-in registers5.7.5 Built-in Registers

c unit5.3 Measurements
calling convention of preprocessors4.1.4 Miscellaneous
capabilities of groff1.3 groff Capabilities
centered text5.8 Manipulating Filling and Adjusting
centering lines3.1 Basics
centering lines5.8 Manipulating Filling and Adjusting
centimeter5.3 Measurements
changing fonts5.17.1 Changing Fonts
changing format, read-only register5.7.4 Assigning Formats
changing the page number character5.15 Page Layout
changing trap location5.24.1 Page Location Traps
changing type sizes5.18.1 Changing Type Sizes
character for line drawing5.23 Drawing Requests
character for line drawing5.23 Drawing Requests
character pile5.23 Drawing Requests
character properties5.17.4 Using Symbols
character translations5.12 Character Translations
character, backspace5.5 Identifiers
character, backspace5.12 Character Translations
character, box rule5.23 Drawing Requests
character, control5.6.1 Requests
character, control5.12 Character Translations
character, escape5.12 Character Translations
character, field delimiting5.11.2 Fields
character, field padding5.11.2 Fields
character, hyphenation5.9 Manipulating Hyphenation
character, leader5.12 Character Translations
character, leader repitition5.11.1 Leaders
character, newline5.6.3 Escapes
character, newline5.12 Character Translations
character, no-break control5.6.1 Requests
character, no-break control5.12 Character Translations
character, numbered5.12 Character Translations
character, removing definition5.17.4 Using Symbols
character, soft hyphen5.9 Manipulating Hyphenation
character, space5.6.3 Escapes
character, special5.12 Character Translations
character, tab5.6.3 Escapes
character, tab5.12 Character Translations
character, tab repitition5.11 Tabs and Fields
character, tabulator5.1.4 Tab Stops
character, transparent5.1.3 Sentences
character, transparent5.17.4 Using Symbols
character, underscore5.23 Drawing Requests
character, whitespace5.5 Identifiers
character, zero width space5.6.1 Requests
character, zero width space5.17.6 Ligatures and Kerning
character, zero width space5.20.2 while
character, zero width space5.22 Page Motions
character, zero width space5.23 Drawing Requests
characters for margins5.29 Miscellaneous
characters, argument delimiting5.6.3 Escapes
characters, defining5.17.4 Using Symbols
characters, end of sentence5.17.4 Using Symbols
characters, hyphenation5.17.4 Using Symbols
characters, input and output, compatibility with Unix5.31 Implementation Differences
characters, invalid input5.5 Identifiers
characters, overlapping5.17.4 Using Symbols
characters, special7.1 Special Characters
characters, unnamed5.17.4 Using Symbols
circle drawing5.23 Drawing Requests
code, hyphenation5.9 Manipulating Hyphenation
command-line options2.1 Options
commands, embedded5.6 Embedded Commands
comments5.6.3.1 Comments
comments in font files8.2.2 Font file format
comments, lining up with tabs5.6.3.1 Comments
comments, with ds5.19 Strings
common features3.2 Common Features
comparison operators5.4 Expressions
compatibility mode5.30.1 Warnings
compatibility mode5.31 Implementation Differences
conditionals and loops5.20 Conditionals and Loops
consecutive hyphenated lines5.9 Manipulating Hyphenation
contents, table of3.2.7 Table of Contents
contents, table of5.11.1 Leaders
continuous underlining5.17.5 Artificial Fonts
control character5.6.1 Requests
control character5.12 Character Translations
control character, no-break5.6.1 Requests
control character, no-break5.12 Character Translations
control of devices8.1.2 Device Control
control, page5.16 Page Control
conventions for input5.2 Input Conventions
copy environment5.26 Environments
copy-in mode5.21.1 Copy-in Mode
copy-in mode, and macro arguments5.21.2 Parameters
copy-in mode, and write requests5.27 I/O
correction, italic5.17.1 Changing Fonts
correction, left italic5.17.1 Changing Fonts
cp10472.1 Options
creating new characters5.17.4 Using Symbols
credits1.7 Credits
current adjustment mode register5.8 Manipulating Filling and Adjusting
current environment number/name register5.26 Environments
current font position register5.17.3 Font Positions
current hyphenation language register5.9 Manipulating Hyphenation
current hyphenation margin register5.9 Manipulating Hyphenation
current hyphenation space register5.9 Manipulating Hyphenation
current line length register5.14 Line Layout
current line spacing register5.10 Manipulating Spacing
current page length register5.15 Page Layout
current page number register5.15 Page Layout
current tab settings register5.11 Tabs and Fields
current time5.27 I/O
current title line length register5.15 Page Layout
current type size register5.18.1 Changing Type Sizes
current vertical spacing register5.18.1 Changing Type Sizes

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