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12. Plotting

There are three gnuplot commands which actually create a plot: plot, splot and replot. plot generates 2-d plots, splot generates 3-d plots (actually 2-d projections, of course), and replot appends its arguments to the previous plot or splot and executes the modified command.

Much of the general information about plotting can be found in the discussion of plot; information specific to 3-d can be found in the splot section.

plot operates in either rectangular or polar coordinates -- see set polar for details of the latter. splot operates only in rectangular coordinates, but the set mapping command allows for a few other coordinate systems to be treated. In addition, the using option allows both plot and splot to treat almost any coordinate system you'd care to define.

splot can plot surfaces and contours in addition to points and/or lines. In addition to splot, see set isosamples for information about defining the grid for a 3-d function; splot datafile for information about the requisite file structure for 3-d data values; and set contour and `set cntrparam` for information about contours.

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