94) My application is running too slowly. How can I speed it up?

Answer: Use the R4 rather than R3 server.  It is much faster.

Answer: The standard memory allocator is not well tuned to Motif, and can
degrade performance.  Use a better allocator.  e.g. with SCO Unix, link with
libmalloc.a; use the allocator from GNU emacs; use the allocator from Perl.

Answer: Avoid lots of widget creation and destruction.  It fragments memory
and slows everything down.  Popup/popdown, manage/unmanage instead.

Answer: Set mappedWhenManaged to FALSE, and then call XtMapWidget()
XtUnmapWidget() rather than managing.

Answer: Get more memory - your application, the server and the Operating
System may be spending a lot of time being swapped.

Answer: If you are doing much XmString work yourself, such as heavy use of
XmStringCompare, speed may deteriorate due to the large amount of internal
conversions and malloc'ing.  Try using XmStringByteCompare if appropriate or
ordinary Ascii strings if you can.
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