63) Why don't labels in a Form resize when the label is changed?

I've got some labels in a form. The labels don't resize whenever the label
string resource is changed. As a result, the operator has to resize the window
to see the new label contents. I am using Motif 1.1.

Answer: This problem may happen to any widget inside a Form widget. The
problem was that the Form will resize itself when it gets geometry requests
from its children. If its preferred size is not allowed, the Form will
disallow all geometry requests from its children. The workaround is that you
should set any ancestor of the Form to be resizable. For the shell which
contains the Form you should set the shell resource XmNallowShellResize to be
True (by default, it is set to FALSE).  There is currently an inconsistency on
how resizing is being done, and it may get fixed in Motif 1.2.

From db@sunbim.be (Danny Backx)

Basically what you have to do is set the XmNresizePolicy on the Form to
XmRESIZE_NONE.  The facts seem to be that XmRESIZE_NONE does NOT mean "do not
allow resizes".  You may also have to set XmNresizable on the form to True.
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