59) What is libPW.a and do I need it? My manual says I need to link

in libPW.a to use the File Selection Box.  I can't find it on my system.

Answer: The libPW.a is the Programmers Workbench library which is an ATT
product not included in Berkeley based systems, hence it is not found in SunOS
or Ultrix, but is found on HP-UX (a Berkeley/ATT hybrid which chose ATT in
this case).  It contains the regex(3) routines (regcmp, regex).  Some systems
which don't have these in the libc.a need to link with -lPW.  Some systems
which have the regex(3) routines in there also have the libPW.a.  If you have
regex(3) in libc, and it works, don't link with libPW.  If you don't have
regex(3) in libc, and you don't have a libPW, then check some sites on the net
for public domain replacements (several exist), or call your vendor.

In most versions of Motif (see the doco), you can compile FileSB.c with
-DNO_REGEX if you don't have it.
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