32) What prototyping tools are there to generate Motif code?

[Last modified: June 93]

Answer: [An FAQ is for "personal opinions" on these tools.  I don't think it
is appropriate to give such opinions through this particular posting, so I
haven't included any. I will include vendor-provided descriptions provided
they are consise and informative]

`Prototyping tools' come in two forms: those that can be used to design the
interface only (GUI builder), and those that go beyond this to give support
for application code (User Interface Management Systems).  There are a number
of commercial and non-commercial tools of both kinds that will support the
Motif interface.  They include:

GUI builders:

Builder Xcessory
iXBUILD (formerly X Build)


TAE Plus
Widget Creation Library
ezX User Interface Management System

Some contact addresses are:

TAE Plus: Don Link, Century Computing, Inc. (301) 953-3330 tae-facts@cen.com

TAE Plus is a mature, portable software development environment that supports
rapid building, tailoring, and management of Motif-based graphical user
interfaces.  The code generator can produce C, C++ and Ada code and allows for
merging regenerated code with previously modified parts of the interface.  You
an also generate a UIL/Mrm representation of your interface.  Scripting
capabilities are provided which facilitate automatic testing, on-line demos,
and tutorials.  A record and playback feature lets you build scripts simply by
interacting with your GUI.  A library of Dynamic Data Objects allows the user
to create truly graphical objects whose dynamic portions can reflect data as
well as be directly manipulated by the end-user. TAE Plus is available on
virtually all the standard X platforms and comes with a wide array of support
vehicles. (i.e., support office, newsletter, user's conference, etc.)

WINTERP: You may obtain the current source, documentation, and examples via
anonymous ftp from host export.lcs.mit.edu: in directory contrib/winterp you
will find the compress(1)'d tar(1) file winterp.tar.Z. If you do not have
Internet access you may request the source code to be mailed to you by sending
a message to winterp-source%hplnpm@hplabs.hp.com or hplabs!hplnpm!winterp-

Serpent: The S/W is free (anonymous ftp) from ftp.sei.cmu.edu.  For more info
contact erik/robert at serpent-info@sei.cmu.edu.  This is no longer supported,
and is apparently replaced by a commercial product called Alpha.  TeleUSE:
Built around X Windows and OSF/Motif, TeleUSE's comprehensive toolset gives
you maximum control over every phase of graphical user interface development,
including static screen layout and design, automatic implementation of
callbacks, building the executable, and the interactive test, debug, and
maintenance cycles.

For more information, please contact:

In North America and countries not specified below:

Alsys (formerly TeleSoft)
10251 Vista Sorrento Parkway Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92121 USA

(619) 457-2700 X244
(619) 452-1334 (fax)

In France: +33 1 47 66 21 83
In the UK: +49 491 579 090
In Scandinavia: +46 8 520 69010
In the Benelux: +31 15 62 21 21
In Germany: +49 7531 65022
In Italy: +39 6 5045 1
In Japan: +81 3 522 85620
In South Korea: +82 2 577 2044

Builder Xcessory from ICS.  More details are available by sending a request to
info@ics.com.  Address: ICS Inc., 201 Broadway, Cambridge MA 02139, Tel. (617)
621-0060, Fax. (617) 621-9555

X-Designer: From Imperial Software Technology in the UK.  Email address is
sales@ist.co.uk.  (+44) 743 587055

Recently, V.I. Corporation have become the distributor for the X-Designer
product in the United States.  In addition, IST and V.I. Corporation have
developed a product called DVX-Designer that merges X-Designer with their GUI
product called DataViews.  Other merged products are in the works.  For more
information, people can contact:

        V.I. Corporation
        47 Pleasant Street
        Northampton, MA  01060
        Phone: (413) 586-4144
        Fax: (413) 586-3805
        Email: vi@vicorp.com

ExoCODE/xm: From Expert Object Corp., 7250 Cicero Avenue, Lincolnwood, IL
60646 (708)676-5555.

X Build: iXOS Software GmbH, Bretonischer Ring 12,
        8011 Grasbrunn/Munich,
        email support@ixos.de or office@ixos.de,
        phone ++49-89-46005 0

or in the US

        UniPress Software,
        2025 Lincoln Hwy.,
        Edison, NJ 08817,
        phone 1-800-222-0550

ExoCode: From EXOC (Chicago, IL)

UIMX: Visual Edge Software Limited, 3870 Cote Vertu, St Laurent, Quebec, H4R
1V4, Phone: (514) 332-6430, Fax:   (514) 332-5914, or: Visual Edge Software
Ltd., 101 First Street, Suite 443, Los Altos, CA 94022, Phone: (415) 948-0753,
Fax:   (415) 948-0843

The Widget Creation Library: The distribution is available in several ways.
The preferred approach it for you to get the compressed tar file using
anonymous ftp from:

    export.lcs.mit.edu    ( /contrib/Wcl.1.06.tar.Z

XFaceMaker2: NSL -  Non Standard Logics S.A., 57-59, rue Lhomond, 75005  Paris
- France, Phone: +33 (1), Fax:   +33 (1) email:
requests@nsl.fr or requests%nsl.fr@inria.fr for information.

Their North American office: Non Standard Logics, Inc., 4141 State Street,
Suite B-11, Santa Barbara CA 93110, Tel: 805 964 9599, Fax: 805 964 4367

MOTIFATION: PEM GmbH, Vaihinger Strasse 49, 7000 Stuttgart 80, Germany, Tel:
+49 (0) 711 713045, Fax: +49 (0) 711 713047 Email: basien@pem-stuttgart.de.
Available for (Motif 1.2/1.1) on SunOS, Solaris 2.1, HP, Interactive, ODT 3.0,
Silicon Graphics, PCS, ...

ALEX: For more information contact Michael Karliner on (+44) 81 566 2307 or
E-mail to alex@s-strat.co.uk.  ALEX Technologies, Waterman's Yard, 32a The
Mall, Ealing, London W5, UK.

MetaCard: MetaCard 1.0 is supported on five popular UNIX/X11 platforms: SPARC,
Sun3, DECstation, HP-9000/300, and SCO ODT.  An HP-9000/700 port is underway
and should be available by the end of July.  [They] plan to support IBM
RS/6000, SGI Iris, and DG AViiON sometime fall '92.  For more information, or
to receive a free save-disabled but licensable copy of MetaCard, email to
info@metacard.com or call 303- 447-3936.  If you have anonymous FTP access to
the Internet, you can download the current engines, documentation, and an
unlicensed Home stack from ftp.metacard.com (, directory
MetaCard.  Commercial users can get MetaCard from world.std.com
(, directory pub/Metacard.  If you don't have an anonymous ftp
access, you can also download MetaCard from The World using kermit or xmodem
from the ~ftp/pub/MetaCard directory.  Sign up by calling 617-739-0202 (voice)
or via modem by dialing 617-739-9753 (7 bits even parity) and logging in as

MetaCard 1.2 Beta 5 is now available for anonymous FTP from ftp.metacard.com
(directory MetaCard/1.2B5), and ftp.uu.net (directory vendor/MetaCard/1.2B5).

There is also a MetaCard mailing list.  To subscribe to the metacard-list,
send mail to listserv@grot.starconn.com with the following commands in the
body of the message:

      subscribe metacard-list firstname lastname

Replace "firstname lastname" with your name, not your e-mail address.

ezX User Interface Management System
Sunrise Software, International
170 Enterprise Center
Middletown, RI 02840
email: support@sunrise.com

WKSH (Windowing Korn Shell):

   EXtensible Korn Shell (C language calling interface,
                          dynamic library loading, etc.)
   Motif or OpenLook API
   X Toolkit Intrinsics
   WKSH Convenience Functions
   Fast Learning and Prototyping Feature (ksh interpreter)

   Acacia Computer,
   PO Box 4376,
   Warren, NJ 07059,
   Phone: 908 548 6955,
   Email: uunet!aca1


Computer Aid Inc, 1-(800)-444-WKSH


Consensys Corp, Europe: +(44)-734-833241 (Roger Chalke), +(44)0734-835391
(Fax), US: (416)-940-2903, (416)-940-2903 (Fax).

WKSH was developed by USL. Binaries are available through Acacia Computer for
SUNOS, Solaris, SCO ODT, Intel SVR4.0

Druid is a commercial product. It currently supports Motif1.1 and 4 unix
platforms: SPARC, HP 9000, RS6000, and SGI.

For further information contact: Mr. Fred Lee, Automated Systems (Pte)
Limited, 203 Henderson Road, #12-07/14, Henderson Industrial Park, Singapore
0315.  FAX: (65)272-2029

Or: Dr. Gurminder Singh (gsingh@iss.nus.sg), Institute of Systems Science,
National University of Singapore
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