47) How can put Text in overstrike mode instead of insert?

Answer: There is no direct way. This was posted by Edmond Pitt
(ejp@bohra.cpg.oz) The correct answer to the question is to put the following
in a modifyVerify callback, where 'mvcb' is the XmTextVerifyCallbackStruct,
and 'overstriking' is defined by you:

    if (overstriking && mvcb->text->length == 1)

_XmText{Dis,En}ableRedisplay() are XmText{Dis,En}ableRedisplay() in 1.0, but
X11R3 has no XtCallActionProc() anyway. For this environment you need my 1.0.3
Text widget patches posted last year & available on request.
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