Ftp questions

Q23a: How does anonymous ftp work?
A23a: Anonymous ftp is a method of making files available to anyone on the
Internet.  In brief, if you are on a system with ftp (e.g. Unix), you type
"ftp lyapunov.ucsd.edu", or whatever system you wish to access.  You are
prompted for your name and you reply "anonymous".  You are prompted for your
password and you reply with your email address.  You then use "ls" to list the
files, "cd" to change directories, "get" to get files, and "quit" to exit.
For example, you could say "cd /pub", "ls", "get README", and "quit"; this
would get you the file "README".  See the man page ftp(1) or ask someone at
your site for more information.

In this FAQ file, anonymous ftp addresses are given in the form
name.of.machine:/pub/path [].  The first part "name.of.machine" is the
machine you must ftp to.  If your machine cannot determine the host from the
name, you can try the numeric Internet address: "ftp".  The part after
the colon: "/pub/path" is the file or directory to access once you are
connected to the remote machine.

Q23b: What if I can't use ftp to access files?
A23b: If you don't have access to ftp because you are on a uucp/Fidonet/etc
network there is an e-mail gateway at ftpmail@decwrl.dec.com that can retrieve
the files for you.  To get instructions on how to use the ftp gateway send a
message to ftpmail@decwrl.dec.com with one line containing the word 'help'.
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