How can I take photos of fractals?

Q19: How can I take photos of fractals?
A19: Noel Giffin gets good results with the following setup:
Use 100 asa Kodak gold for prints or 64 asa for slides.
Use a long lens (100mm) to flatten out the field of view and minimize screen
curvature.  Use f4 stop.
Shutter speed must be longer than frame rate to get a complete image; 1/4
seconds works well.
Use a tripod and cable release or timer to get a stable picture.  The room
should be completely blackened, with no light, to prevent glare and to prevent
the monitor from showing up in the picture.

You can also obtain high quality images by sending your targa or gif images to
a commercial graphics imaging shop.  They can provide much higher resolution
images.  Prices are about $10 for a 35mm slide or negative and about $50 for a
high quality 4x5 negative.
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