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Clarinet News


Clarinet's an electronic publishing network service that provides professional news and information, including live UPI wireservice news, in the Usenet file format. See section Usenet News for more information about Usenet.

Clarinet lets you read an "electronic newspaper" right on the local system; you can get timely industry news, technology related wirestories, syndicated columns and features, financial information, stock quotes and more. invisible.xbm

Clarinet's provided by using the Usenet message interchange format, and is available via UUCP and other delivery protocols, including NNTP. invisible.xbm invisible.xbm

The main feature is ClariNews, an "electronic newspaper," gathered live from the wire services of United Press International (UPI). ClariNews articles are distributed in 100 newsgroups based on their subject matter, and are keyworded for additional topics and the geographical location of the story. ClariNews includes headlines, industry news, box scores, network TV schedules, and more. The main products of ClariNews are:

  • ClariNews General, the general news"paper" with news, sports, and features, averaging about 400 stories per day.

  • TechWire, special groups for stories on science, technology, and industry stories around them.

  • ClariNews-Biz, business and financial stories.

  • Newsbytes, a daily computer industry newsmagazine.

  • Syndicated Columns, including Dave Barry (humor) and Mike Royko (opinion).

Full information on ClariNet, including subscription information, is available from

 Clarinet Communications Corp.
 124 King St. North
 Waterloo, Ontario  N2J 2X8
 (800) USE-NETS

or with anonymous FTP in the directory `/Clarinet' on ftp.uu.net (see section Anonymous FTP).

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