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Geographic Name Server

A geographic database listing information for cities in the United States and some international locations is maintained by Merit, Inc. The database is searchable by city name, zip code, etc. It will respond with a lot of information: the area code, elevation, time zone, and longitude and latitude are included. For example, a query of `19013' yields

 0 Chester
 1 42045 Delaware
 2 PA Pennsylvania
 3 US United States
 F 45 Populated place
 L 39 50 58 N  75 21 22 W
 P 45794
 E 22
 Z 19013
 Z 19014
 Z 19015
 Z 19016

To use the server, telnet to martini.eecs.umich.edu on port 3000. The command `help' will yield further instructions, along with an explanation for each of the fields in a reponse. invisible.xbm

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