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Mailing archie

Users limited to email connectivity to the Internet should send a message to the address `archie@archie.mcgill.ca' with the single word help in the body of the message. An email message will be returned explaining how to use the email archie server, along with the details of using FTPmail. Most of the commands offered by the telnet interface can be used with the mail server.

The whatis database

In addition to offering access to anonymous FTP listings, archie also permits access to the whatis description database. It includes the names and brief synopses for over 3,500 public domain software packages, datasets and informational documents located on the Internet.

Additional whatis databases are scheduled to be added in the future. Planned offerings include listings for the names and locations of online library catalog programs, the names of publicly accessible electronic mailing lists, compilations of Frequently Asked Questions lists, and archive sites for the most popular Usenet newsgroups. Suggestions for additional descriptions or locations databases are welcomed and should be sent to the archie developers at `archie-l@cs.mcgill.ca'. invisible.xbm

"Was f@"ur pl@"undern!" ("What a place to plunder!") Gebhard Leberecht Bl@"ucher

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