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World Wide Web : HTML Developers

This page contains useful documents and links for HTML developers.

* A Beginner's Guide to HTML
This is a primer for producing documents in HTML, the markup language used by the World Wide Web.

* HTML Quick Reference Guide
A Quick Reference of html codes.

* HTML4 Tags
All HTML Tags (Keywords)(2/99)

* HTML4 Specification
Specification of HTML4 (12/99)

* CSS1 Reference
Cascading Style Sheets Reference

* CSS1 Specification
Cascading Style Sheets, level 1

* CSS2 Specification
Cascading Style Sheets, level 2

* Netscape's JavaScript 1.3 Guide
The innovative language from Netscape

* Netscape's JavaScript 1.3 Reference
The innovative language from Netscape

* JScript
Microsoft's (semi-incompatible) version of the above

* HTML Style Guide
CERN's style guide for online hypertext document structures.

* HTML+ Specifications
The enriched language under development. All browsers support some but not all HTML+ features. Ed: Dave Raggett (dsr@hplb.hpl.hp.com). Original document can be found at info.cern.ch.

* Tools for WWW providers
Generate HTML from other things, analyse log files, make a telnet server, web-roaming robots, etc. Several of these tools are available in the contrib directory of the local WWW source archive.

*Tidy: Clean up your Web pages

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