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Hypertext Transfer Protocol - HTTP/1.0

12. Acknowledgments

This specification makes heavy use of the augmented BNF and generic constructs defined by David H. Crocker for RFC 822 [8]. Similarly, it reuses many of the definitions provided by Nathaniel Borenstein and Ned Freed for MIME [6]. We hope that their inclusion in this specification will help reduce past confusion over the relationship between HTTP/1.0 and Internet mail.

The HTTP protocol has evolved considerably over the past three years. It has benefited from a large and active developer community--the many people who have participated on the wwwtalk mailing list--and it is that community which has been most responsible for the success of HTTP and of the World-Wide Web in general. Marc Andreessen, Robert Cailliau, Daniel W. Connolly, Bob Denny, Phillip M. Hallam-Baker, Håkon W. Lie, Ari Luotonen, Rob McCool, Dave Raggett, Tony Sanders, and Marc VanHeyningen deserve special recognition for their efforts in defining aspects of the protocol for early versions of this specification.

This document has benefited greatly from the comments of all those participating in the HTTPWG. In addition to those already mentioned, the following individuals have contributed to this specification:

Gary Adams
Harald Tveit Alvestrand
Keith Ball
Brian Behlendorf
Paul Burchard
Maurizio Codogno
Mike Cowlishaw
Michael A. Dolan
John Franks
Alex Hopmann
Bob Jernigan
Martijn Koster
Dave Kristol
Daniel LaLiberte
Albert Lunde
John C. Mallery
Larry Masinter
Gavin Nicol
Marc Salomon
Chuck Shotton
Eric W. Sink
Simon E. Spero

T. Berners-Lee, R. T. Fielding, H. Frystyk Nielsen - 12 MAR 95

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