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4.1 System Resources

4.1.2 du - report disk space in use

du reports the amount of disk space in use for the files or directories you specify.


du [options] [directory or file]

Common Options

-a display disk usage for each file, not just subdirectories

-s display a summary total only

-k report in kilobytes (SVR4)


{unix prompt 3} du

1 ./.elm

1 ./Mail

1 ./News

20 ./uc

86 .

{unix prompt 4} du -a uc

7 uc/unixgrep.txt

5 uc/editors.txt

1 uc/.emacs

1 uc/.exrc

4 uc/telnet.ftp

1 uc/uniq.tee.txt

20 uc

Introduction to Unix - 14 AUG 1996
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